We are excited to announce that we have changed our name to Coast Consignment.

Rest assured, ownership has not changed and Angela Beer and Tina Beer Hamlin are still the owners with our wonderful team, Carly, Catherine and Melissa.

We have come a long way in our 17 years and it felt like a good time to change our name to better reflect our beautiful Coastal City, update the colours to a crisp navy and off white and the changes we have made over the past several years. We hope you like it.

Fire Places / Fire Place Accessories

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Vintage 1980's Fire Screen

SKU: 7233-008

Antique Brass Fire Guard

SKU: 7068-001

Vintage Set Fire Tools

SKU: 7209-003

Vintage Brass Kindling Box

SKU: 7209-008

Wood Frame Fire Screen

SKU: 7182-003

Brass Fireplace Screen

SKU: 6853-051

Brass Gold Log Box

SKU: 6781-006