Percival Lafer MP-41 Sofa

A few times a year, Coast Consignment is fortunate enough to have an important piece of furniture grace our showroom on consignment.

Percival Lafer

One of the pieces we currently have in stock at our North Vancouver Showroom is this incredible Percival Lafer MP-41 Leather Sofa. 

This incredible sofa is made from Jacaranda Wood and upholstered in very fine Brazilian Leather and is in like-new condition considering it is now 50+ years old.

It’s currently on sale for $6495.

West Coast Architecture & Design

Vancouver has always been a stronghold for mid-century modern furniture as our newer architecture and especially, West Coast Modern architecture cemented over the decades by Bing Thom, Ronald Thom and Arthur Erickson.

Arthur Erickson (1924-2009)
An Arthur Erickson designed home

Bing Thom (1924-2016)
A Bing Thom designed building
Ronald Thom (1923-1986)

Even now, with the rapid building of glass and steel skyrises in the Metro Vancouver area, a clean design esthetic can make these units shine and mid-century modern furniture suits the architecture and feel of these homes in the sky which is why Vancouvererites have such a strong demand for authentic mid-century modern furniture. I truly feel as a certified professional appraiser that authentic and in good condition mid-century modern furniture holds its value better than most other vintage and antique furniture. It’s simply a style that works with so many kinds of architecture and design and is still practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing without being heavy or dark.

Knowing that you are surrounded by practical and useful pieces that are decades old and designed by renowned creatives, makers and designers can bring a sense of pride and makes for interesting conversation when hosting people in your home.

Percival Lafer Back Story 

Percival Lafer was born in 1936 in Brazil and was training to be an Architect when his Father passed away unexpectedly. Lafer and his brothers took over his Father’s Furniture Company and Lafer decided to use his skills in Architecture to start to design his own brand of unique, high-quality furniture in the mid 1900’s.

Percival Lafer, Brazilian (1936-)
A vintage, German, 1970’s advertisement for Lafer furniture

Lafer wanted this furniture to be accessible to the Middle Class and made his furniture high quality and affordable. He was particularly known for his sofas and armchairs because of their hardwood frames and beautiful Brazilian leather upholstery.

Lafer’s furniture is becoming very coveted and is realizing very high prices on 1stDibs and Chairish. Check out these prices!!!! Ours is a steal.

Lafer is considered a Brazilian Modernist and if you are lucky enough to snap up one of Lafer’s pieces such as this incredible sofa we currently have in stock, you are making not only a wise investment, but you are also securing a piece of 20th Century history that will last several lifetimes due to its incredible craftsmanship and design.

Our Consignor is excited to be able to sell this very special piece through us and we would love for you to see it at our showroom, 171 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver.

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