Fall is Rug Season!

It?s that time of year again.? It?s time to get cozy, pack away the flip flops and Netflix and chill. Yup, it?s fall and I don?t know about you but I love feeling a wonderful quality wool or silk rug under my feet as the temperatures drop.? I?m obsessed with rugs. I love a good Persian, Turkish, Kashmir, Boho, Flokati or other kind of high quality, natural fiber rug.? There are so many combinations of colours and patterns and weaves out there so it can be daunting to choose not to mention the price of buying new from a rug store of large retailer. Buying a rug through consignment can save you approximately 75% of the retail price.? High quality rugs wear well and will last for decades or longer with a little bit of care but there?s nothing wrong with a bit of fading and wear on a rug as this often adds patina which is a coveted look, like this fabulous antique tribal rug pictured below.? This yellow colour will bring much needed sun to your home during our dark and dreary winter days. It also looks amazing draped over a leather ottoman or sofa.

We have a huge collection of rugs at Consignment Canada in North Vancouver. All sizes, shapes and fibers.? You can find many of our rugs listed on our website but we have many, many more in store of all different sizes.

Antique Tribal Prayer Rug. $275 at CC
Iranian hand-knotted, wool rug $595 at CC?

Wondering what to look for when buying a rug to ensure you get quality?? Rug Chick ?is an awesome resource website and one that we use frequently to help us with our rug knowledge.

Huff Post also has some great tips on ?How to Buy Rugs Like a Grown Up?

Cleaning and Care

If you need to get a rug cleaned we highly recommend Tolliday Carpet Services . ?Tolliday has been cleaning rugs since 1989 and we work with them a lot.

You can find more tips to take care of your rug at home on the website

We look forward to seeing you in our North Vancouver showroom this fall to help you pick out the best rug from your needs.