Top Ways to Style Vintage Brooches

There are few things as fun as repurposing antique jewelry, and this especially true when it comes to brooches. And while it may come as a surprise that brooches can be used as more than just a garment attachment, this is certainly the case. Here are some of the top ways to style vintage brooches.

Flower Bouquet Decoration

Attaching a Brooch to a Bouquet is a Great Way to Add a Personal Touch.
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Giving a loved one a bouquet of colorful flowers is a great way to express your feelings. However, if you would like to add your own personal touch to the bouquet, you should consider wrapping the stems in lace with a vintage brooch attached. Not only does this make for a customized bouquet, but it will also help to bring out the colors in the flowers. For instance, if you have a floral bouquet of red roses, try attaching a brooch that has gemstones of a similar color.

Gift Wrap

Try Adding a Brooch to Gifts.
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It is common practice to wrap gifts with a ribbon and bow, but even with these decorations, it is possible that the present will be lacking in appearance. One way to counter this is by attaching a brooch to the bow. This tactic works great if you can find a brooch that matches the color pattern of the ribbon. Best of all, the brooch itself can be considered an add-on gift.

Cake Decorations

Brooches can Take Your Wedding Cake to the Next Level.
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You may be thinking to yourself ?brooches on a cake?? Well, as it turns out, vintage brooches can make for a nice complimentary piece to the icing decorations on a cake. And although this method can be used on nearly any type of cake, it is particularly well-suited for wedding cakes. If you are making plans for the big day, consider hitting the flea markets to search for brooches that will fit well with the cake design and color scheme. To make the moment extra special, ask your family members if they have any vintages brooches ? perhaps those that have been passed down as heirlooms ? as this can add a special touch.

Table Centerpieces

Decorate a Plain Vase by Wrapping it in Ribbon and Attaching a Brooch.
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A vase full of beautiful flowers is a necessity for any formal dining occasion. However, while the flowers may be stunning, the vase itself may be too plain. If you are placing your flowers in a clear glass vase that lacks in decorative features, consider wrapping the vase in ribbon and then attach a vintage brooch to complete the piece.

Don?t Get Rid of those Vintage Brooches

There is no doubt that vintage brooches can add a bit of flair to any outfit, but they can also be repurposed for other uses. If you are looking for a way to reuse a brooch, try attaching it to a bouquet of flowers. In addition, vintage brooches, when placed alongside a bow, can be the perfect way to top off a gift. Furthermore, brooches can be added to the exterior of a vase, and this works especially well as a centerpiece for formal dining occasions. By keeping in mind these top ways to style vintage brooches, you are sure to take any item to the next level.