How to Convert a Vintage Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity

If you enjoy repurposing old furniture, then converting your dresser into a vanity may be right up your alley. Not only will using a dresser for a vanity allow you to make use of furniture that might otherwise be wasted, but it also makes for a unique look.

Consignment Canada is crushing hard on?Canadian?Interior Designer Sarah Richardson?s new show ?Sarah off the Grid? currently airing?Sunday?evenings on HGTV?Canada.? In the show, Sarah has repurposed several vintage dressers and sideboards into fabulous vanities in her new home?s bathrooms and it?s inspired us to feature this on our blog.

Here are the steps on how to convert a vintage dresser into a bathroom vanity:

Finding the Right Dresser and Sink

Make Sure the Dresser is Sturdy.
Image Source: Consignment Canada

The first step in converting a dresser into a sink is to find the right dresser and sink. When selecting a dresser, it is important to make sure that it is sturdy, so that it will hold the weight of the sink. Consignment Canada has a ton of fabulous vintage, antique, and newer dressers and sideboards that would work fabulously as bathroom vanities, especially if you can find an offcut of marble or other stone to top it with.

In addition, choose a sink that will fit easily into the space allowed by the dresser. Jack?s New and Used building supplies is a great source for inexpensive vessel sinks (sinks that sit on the top) so this project can be budget friendly.

Measure and Cut the Hole for the Sink

Vessel Sinks Fit Nicely on Top of Dressers.
Image Source: Consignment Canada

Next, you will want to measure and cut a hole for the sink. The best way to measure for the sink is by tracing its outline and then cutting about 1-inch inside the line so that there is a ledge for the sink to rest on. If you are using a vessel sink, then you will have to measure a hole for the plumbing to go through so that it can be attached to the sink. This should be done only after you have determined where the sink will be placed on the dresser.

Cutting the Drawers and the Bottom of the Dresser

It May be Necessary to Cut Back Some Drawers.
Image Source: Consignment Canada

The dresser drawers can present an obstacle when trying to place the sink. To avoid this, it may be necessary to cut back the drawers, so that when they are pushed in they do not contact the base of the sink. In order to make the drawers fit, remove the back plate of the drawers in question and cut them to size. Once this is completed, you can reattach the back piece, which will create a shorter, yet functional, drawer. Depending on the placement of the sink, some drawers may not need adjusting.

Installing the Sink and the Plumbing

With a Vessel Sink, there is Less Customization Required.
Image Source: Consignment Canada

Perhaps the most daunting step in the conversion process is installing the sink and the plumbing. Before you get started installing the plumbing, you will need to cut out sections of the dresser where the pipes will run. This step will vary depending on the plumbing setup, so customizations may be necessary. Next, connect the pipes and drain to the sink, but do not permanently attach the implements until a proper fit is achieved. Once you are sure that everything lines up correctly, you can attach the pipes and adhere the sink to the surface of the dresser.

A Truly Unique Vanity

Building a custom vanity using a vintage dresser or buffet is the perfect way to add a level of uniqueness to your bathroom. Even one of CC?s owners, Jonny purchased a mid-century sideboard from our store and turned it into his principal bathroom vanity with two contemporary vessel sinks and faucets coming out of the wall above the sinks. If you are considering this conversion, be sure to choose a dresser that is stable enough to hold the weight of the sink. From there you will need to follow each step that has been laid out so that all the components will fit together properly. Once the process is completed, it will be time to show your custom vanity to family and friends!