Dorm Room Design

It’s back to school time and now more than ever, there are so many ways to personalise your dorm room or student apartment on a tight budget. The hottest look for dorm rooms right now is Bohemian but you might love the mid-century modern look or something more shabby chic or eclectic with a mix of your favourite styles. ?Anything goes. ?We have some ideas and inspiration images for you in today’s blog with lots of great ideas from our store too.

Bohemian Style Dorm Room










First things first, you need a packing list.? This should help you figure out what you need.

Vintage Persian Rug
Great desk and guest in wood and industrial metal.

Some of the important things you want are a good chair that can do double duty for studying and friends. We have some great chairs in at CC right now that are stylish and can go with many different designs. In addition, nothing warms up and personalizes a dorm room or student rental apartment/room more than a great rug. Consider a vintage Persian rug. These rugs are hand-woven and a bargain when bought used. They are timeless and easy to store so you can keep it and use it in any future places you may live. They do not go out of style.







You can’t forget artwork! At CC we have everything from $15 original paintings to vintage advertising posters and more. ?Artwork is a great way to show off your eclectic style and taste and makes a great conversation starter and is super Instagram worthy!

Super fun Andy Warhol Prints!
Vintage Poster, original watercolour of Quito, Ecuador and an abstract original watercolour all for under $20 at CC.


Accessories are important and need to be practical as well as great to look at. Baskets are awesome for storage, light weight and look great with many different styles. You can store toiletries, books, electronics, clothes or linens in them

baskets galore at CC

A fun vintage hassock is also a great and small addition to brighten up your dorm room. Again, super for stacking text books on, resting your feet on, as extra seat for guests or stacking clothes on.

Vintage Turkish Hassock

Some other great ideas of furniture we currently have at CC that are budget friendly and would be great in a dorm room or student accommodation with limited space include:

Mid-Century walnut bookshelf
tiny camel back sofa
vintage Lloyd Loom wicker armchair and matching side table
mid-century small size teak dresser
Retro painted console















Last but not least you need great bedding. ?Check out this fabulous Pendleton quilt and matching shams we currently have. This will surely add a pop of colour to your student space.

Here are some more inspiration images found on Pinterest to get your design juices flowing. Best of luck at College/Uni/Trade/Art School this year students, from all of us at Consignment Canada.