Furniture Obsolescence

It is regularly said that we live in a disposable society; where most buyers tend to know the cost of everything and the benefit of nothing. A significant number of the things we purchase are actually purposely designed to display built-in obsolescence that urges us to replace them within a year or two after procurement – PCs, cell phones and furniture are examples of costly items that have gradually assumed the status of disposables.

It’s understandable that a household item such as furniture can feel like a companion. Our old rockers, beds, couches, tables have been around through good and bad times. Furthermore, consistently, they’ve unquestionably matured. Despite the fact that we have connections to these things around our home, we need to understand that they?ve served their purpose. These antiquated furniture of ours is out-of-style, and it’s finally time to let go and spring for a new piece.?One of the hardest things about running a successful furniture consignment company is having to tell people that their furniture or other pieces are not saleable and have little to no value.? Some of the best examples of this are large TV/entertainment armoires.? People spent a lot of money buying high quality, solid wood and ornate armoires to house their electronics but with changing technologies such as oversized flat screen and curved TV?s that are now wall mounted or housed on low consoles to show off their sleek looks, these large armoires are not longer saleable or even donatable.?

The Evolution of Today?s Furniture Style

For instance, a traditional dining room?is comprised of an eating set that is decorated with heavily ornate details such as carvings on table edges and legs and oversize display cabinets/hutches. The chairs will have similar details to match the table. Generally, traditional eating pieces are generously sized and often bulky. However, present day dining furniture is less complex and sleeker as it just depends on geometric patterns, lines and colors. One thing that people cherish most about this style is its moderateness. Since the materials are cheap, manufacturers have figured out how to exploit this by making a whole new pattern out of the simplistic charms of these products. Additionally, people no longer buy fancy china sets, silver plate and crystal which needs to be housed in large display cabinets.? In Vancouver, the trend for housing has been towards smaller condos and apartments so large dining suites just don?t fit.? People want to see smaller, compact apartment size pieces.?

Also, customary styles have reigned as being most popular; however as bedroom sizes have decreased in accordance with changes in the society, their popularity has melted away as these styles are more suitable to bigger rooms. To address this, more modern bedroom furniture styles have emerged to better suit today’s smaller rooms?

The living room has also seen its fair share of change. Generally known as the “parlor” all through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; these rooms housed a family?s most prized belonging, craftsmanship and what we now know as finely crafted living room furniture. The room was normally used for special events and remained bolted for the rest of the week. These days, we utilize the parlor as a place to live, a place to put your feet up and sit in front of the TV. Living room furniture therefore has become the focus of majority redecoration projects and so style is increasingly important. It?s important though to remember you get what you pay for. There are many, many sources for cheap, inexpensive and trendy new furniture but these pieces are so poorly made they can break down and become useless in less than 2 years.? It is better to spend a bit more to buy quality items that can be re-sold when you get bored of them and that will stand up to the test of time also to lessen the impact on landfills and to promote craftsmanship.


Vintage and antique furniture still has its place and can blend well with contemporary interior design. Check out House Beautiful Magazine for great examples of this.? Small scale and size antique furniture does very well but the larger, ornate pieces not so much. Vintage furniture such as mid-century modern style is still trending very well as it tends to be sleeker and on the smaller size and fits many apartments and condos very well.

Modern furniture gives interest and enthusiasm, as well as function. The new patterns in modern home furniture?incorporate pieces that are a blend of fashion and function. You can find storage spaces in surprising places, now even couches and chair are serving twofold obligation. The sleek contemporary look of modern furniture can give your home a new and exciting look but be careful not to have everything in your home trendy as trends past quickly and your design can soon look dated.? Make it timeless with a classic mix of antique, vintage and contemporary.