Five Fantastic Tips for Purchasing Consignment Furnishings

You have been ogling over the latest layouts in your favorite home d?cor magazine and want to give your space a remodel, but your funds are limited. That old sofa no longer fits with your personal style, and your accessories are dismal at best. How can you create a new, inspiring, and fresh look without breaking the bank? Consignment furniture is a fantastic option, and often you can find amazing pieces for half the price. You just need to arm your consignment buying arsenal with some tricks and tips to get the perfect pre-loved furniture pieces for your taste. Top designers like Sarah Richardson

and Joanna Gaines often take to the consignment shop floor to find the perfect vintage pieces to spruce up their overall designs and keep the budget in check. Here are some great tips for you to consignment shop like the pros and add your personal touch to your interior space.

Have a shopping list

Create a list of items that you would like to replace or purchase. Include everything from large pieces of furniture to artwork and lighting. Many of the larger consignment stores like Consignment Canada have a plethora of interior furnishings, and you want to make certain, that you keep your eyes open for anything that is on your list.

?Measure your space

Your shopping list should always include ALL of the measurements that are important. Measure the space required for that new dining room table and don?t forget to measure door widths and stairwells. If you are looking for artwork or lighting, make sure you take into account height requirements as well. There would be nothing worse that finding that perfect piece, bringing it home and finding out it would make it through the front door! Consignment stores do not accept returns so measure twice, buy once.


Image source: Crate and Barrel

Have an Eye for Detail

When looking for a consignment piece, look at the details of the craftsmanship. Spending your money on a piece that will withstand time is a solid investment. Keep your eyes open to things like what type of joints that hold a wood piece together (tongue & groove, dove-tail or how the fabric is attached. High craftsmanship shows in the details, so don?t be afraid to look for them. If you love more top end furnishings, do your homework on brands and eras. You never know when you might stumble upon a Robsjohn-Gibbings dining table.

Be Open Minded and Visit Often

Sometimes we pigeon-hole our personal decorating style and in doing so, miss out on a piece that would complement a room perfectly. Don?t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to purchasing consignment furniture. Mix and Match decorating brings interest, and that unique piece can become your favorite. If the upholstery is not exactly what you like, know that you can have things reupholstered at reasonable costs. If you do not find a piece that pulls at your heartstrings one day, visit your favorite Consignment Store regularly. With pieces coming in on a daily basis, you do not want to miss out on a piece that fits what you are looking for perfectly.

Have a Budget and Stick to It

Even though you are saving money by purchasing a ?previously experience? piece, keep a budget and don?t stray from it more than necessary. If you are redecorating an entire room, you will be able to play with the budget more than purchasing one item. When you are saving money, it is easy to concentrate on that part instead of the amount of money you are spending.


When you have a plan, are organized and keep coming back to your favorite consignment shop, you will be able to find some amazing pieces that will rejuvenate your surroundings and make you look and feel like a professional designer. Be open to new ideas and always look for quality craftsmanship.