5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Decorating A Home

Interior decorating, quite different from decorating in other fields, works largely on two principles. In terms of what looks good, interior decorating gives a warm welcome to the idea of mixing and matching of styles from different regions, time periods and cultures. Anything that soothes and pleases the aesthetic eye is in vogue. The second principle, concerned with the practical aspect, is about what is usable and functional. Interior d?cor experts believe that living space must necessarily be well-designed to be serviceable and operative. A combination of these two perfectly balanced aspects makes for the very best interior decorating.

interior decor
A timeless example of interior design in a Utah Home courtesy of Veranda Magazine. Lots of colour, texture, vintage, folk art, antique and modern elements in the sofa

Borrow from the Latest Styling Techniques

With 2016, Boho (Boehmian) style had already created a huge niche in the market. Vibrant being the keyword, the Bohemian style was all kinds of stylish, with its ornate designs that were a perfect blend of modern and traditional. This year?s home trends foresee the continued popularity of some more evergreens, such as block colours, textured patterns for walls, drapes et al and minimalistic furniture designs. Go for any of these and you are in safe waters.


furniture design
A Bohemian bedroom with timeless appeal

Mix it up!

Mix and match is the magic spell! You should go all out to being imaginative and creative. Throw in some portions of modern and chic along with traditional and vintage, and you will get your very own individually designed blend! Only when we begin to freely decorate our homes, the patterns and beautiful ideas in our mind materialize. Such a grafting of two styles not only produces unusual and completely unique spaces that nobody else has a chance of owning, but will also take you by surprise once it?s done!

interior design
A mix of modern., mid-century & vintage design


The Evergreen Mid-century Modern Style

Some things never go out of style. The interior decorating styles that caught on during the mid-century period are one of those. They?ve made it known that they?re here to stay for good. And why not, when simplicity is the USP of mid-century style. So, if what you?re looking for is to set up your space in a manner that you don?t grow bored of it anytime soon, then this is the way to go. Reading up on elements that make up mid-century styling would be a good start. For your furniture, arrangement, wall colour, drapery et all there?s plenty of room to play around and go creative all the way! Consignment Canada always has an excellent selection of authentic mid-century furniture and accessories in store.

An original Herman MIller dresser available at CC
interior design
An example of mid-century modern design


Art is The Way to Go

A home is never complete without a little decoration and artwork on the walls. That?s what lends a room its individuality while also speaking volumes- artistically and subtly, about its owner. It is an excellent idea to keep a wall or two to experiment with the brush yourself! There?s nothing like impulsively doodling a little on your walls. It could be a pin-up wall, a graffiti wall, or just a memory-wall where you put up pictures of beautiful moments. The other thing to do is to put up handpicked art pieces by artists. For this, one must do their research on how to identify and select an original and good artwork. Consignment Canada has an enormous selection of basic prints, etchings, original paintings priced from $5 to $5000.? There is something for everyone.

artwork on the walls
A fun gallery wall using inexpensive and mid-priced original art, etching, prints and a mirror
Helen Normandeau original Mid-Century abstract painting available at Consignment Canada $995


Restoring Wood Furniture the Eco-Friendly Way

Truly exemplary interior decoration would be one that achieves a mark of beauty and perfection while also caring for the environment. Interior decoration that sends out toxic wastes into the environment, rapidly depletes the natural resources or generates non-biodegradable waste can never be hailed as good interior d?cor. One way an interior decorator can act responsibly is by restoring old wood furniture instead of discarding it and buying new ones. The second thing to be learnt and done is how to restore furniture using eco-friendly material such as paints, polish, fabrics, etc. CC keeps a great selection of Howard?s products in store as well as eco-friendly Maas metal polishes which have essential lavender oil.? Raw walnuts also work wonders to fill in scratches on wood finishes on tabletops etc.

MAAS metal Polish
Consignment Canada sells Maas and Howard’s Restor-a-Finish products


Let There be Light

After all has been put in place, the right style and amount of lighting can work wonders, and the absence of it can ruin all effect. Choose wisely from the wide range of light fittings available in the market to go with your style of decoration, and play a little with yellow and white lights to give the right effect. Each room in your home demands a lighting style specific to its usage, and guides to lighting techniques are a smart way to go before you invest in your lighting paraphernalia. If you are looking for unusual or unique light fixtures, check out our Oversized Vintage Cheese Grater Chandelier to add charm to your kitchen.

Mid-Century Copper Cheese Grater Chandelier