Costume Jewelry

Just finished watching the Iris Apsel documentary on Netflix and?as you know from a ?previous blog post ?we absolutely adore the incredible way in which Iris wears her huge collection of costume jewelry. For Spring 2016, we just received 595 pieces of incredible costume jewelry from a client in North Vancouver. There are so many pieces that we can?t put it all out at once as we don?t have enough showcases for it, so as we sell some, there will be more to follow. We have everything from sterling silver, 18K gold, cloisonn?, enamel, glass beads, freshwater pearls, Art Deco, plastic, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches and pendants. ?Here are just a few photos to give you a taste

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Costume jewelry has been around for a very long time and has enabled women from all spectrum’s of society, to be able to wear a special piece of jewelry, without having to break the bank to buy it! There are wonderful faux pearls with lusters of such beautiful colour and quality that unless you rubbed them on your teeth (real ones feel gritty, like a grain of sand, against your teeth) you would never know they were not the real thing. For instance Coco Chanel, who wore her trademark strands of pearls everyday, mixed and matched real and faux, and always looked fabulous. Watch a current Chanel fashion show, there will always be one of the models wearing strands of pearls.? Last year Ralph Lauren designed some of the most beautiful pieces of costume jewelry I?ve ever seen for his Spring/Summer collection (would love to get into the RL flagship store!).The late Princess Diana often wore costume jewelry, even though she had the Crown Jewels to choose from.? All of the design houses still design and sell costume jewelry because there is nothing more special than having a little bit of affordable Dior, Chanel, Oscar da la Renta, Ralph Lauren etc. either around your neck, on your ears, or wrist to make you feel a bit special and always fabulous.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon at Consignment Canada and to showing you this great collection.