A Vintage Wedding

Weddings are a huge business worldwide and can cost mega bucks to host however they don’t have to. ?At CC we?have some great ideas and items for the budget conscious bride. Recently we had a bride who wanted?a vintage gold theme for her wedding – she brought all of the small brass vases we had for the tables for her floral arrangements. We know it?s going to look spectacular and the average price of the vases was $3 – $5 each – cheaper than rentals or buying at retail.

Another bride?brought all of our small vintage china plates with a floral pattern to use on the table for food and to send home with guests as a?wedding favour too with a?special cookie on it to remember the day.

vintage china

In store right now, we have a large boxful of paper fans ? all beautifully decorated with flowers and birds – ?what a great way for your guests to keep cool and take home as a gift ? and they?re 25 cents each! There?s lots of crystal here too ? a table with lovely crystal glasses on ? and they don?t have to match, just sparkle in candlelight.

traywedding crystal


We also have wonderful sets of china for smaller weddings ? again these can be mixed and matched. Currently?we have Minton, Wedgwood, Aynsley and more. We also have vintage linens ? and these look spectacular upon a plain white tablecloth for that added touch of class, and they?re so reasonable! No need to match anymore, vintage, electic and unmatched and most of all, relaxed are the latest wedding trend. ?All you need to bring is your imagination?

pink tea cupswedding tea cups

Another brilliant idea is using vintage keys for place markers or favours and unmatched silver plate for serving pieces or vessels for flowers, branches, floating candles, whatever!

keys? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Silverplate

Here’s a great link for some vintage wedding ideas?

We at CC would love to help you make your wedding unique and special. We offer volume discounts and loads of ideas. ?Happy wedding planning!