A Little Bit of UBC History…

Mid-century modern furniture is still a hot trend in North America and Europe due to it’s timeless, compact design and it’s smaller scale – perfect for apartments and condos or large West Coast modern designed homes. ?We work hard to source and bring in as much Mid-Century as we can find and this week we have been fortunate enough this week to receive a set of 8 fabulous mid-century chairs that are a bit of Vancouver/UBC history. These beautifully designed chairs?were made for UBC (apparently there were several hundred of them made) in the 1960?s. We don?t know who designed them but they are quintessential mid-century modern design and still so modern and relevant in today?s design market. These incredible chairs are?still upholstered in their original brown fabric which was excellent quality. There is some wear a bit of fading but they are in excellent shape and could be recovered easily in a fabric of your choice (we recommend leather for that luxe chrome and leather look). It?s a privilege for us to have a little bit of Vancouver history not destroyed or sent to the landfill. ?These chairs are priced at $95 each and would make a fabulous addition to your eclectic or minimalist home.